World Surf League: Top 5 Moments Of 2019 -

World Surf League: Top 5 Moments Of 2019

World Surf League - Top riding technique

All of us who follow this beautiful sport, love watching the tournaments and the great pros of riding a good wave.

And while it is true that we love to take our board and spend hours on the beach enjoying, it is just as exciting to see the best surfers in the world, competitors for the World Surf League, bring out their great skills.

Thinking about it we have prepared a list with the best 5 moments of 2019 in the World Surf League.

World Surf League - Air Backflip
Air backflip on a small wave

Of course, this is only our appreciation, you are free to organize them according to your own preference, and even have a completely different list.

However, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did while we were preparing it.

Day 2 At El Cabreiroá Pro Zarautz Pres. Basque Country. By Oakley World Surf League

On this occasion, we mention in our list the entire day on day 2 of the Oakley-sponsored event, which took place on the Spanish coasts of the Basque Country.

Thanks to the quality of the waves on the second day of the event, many riders offered one of the most amazing surfing skill displays of all times.

In this way, the weather conditions, little sunshine, good wind, and excellent atmosphere allowed both men and women to indulge in good taste and give us a great day of competition.

Kelly Slater – Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2019 – Round Of 32, Heat 1

No wonder Australia is the main venue for the World Surf League, after all, they have over 3000 beaches.

This time, the waters of Bells Beach witnessed the confrontation between the local Julian Wilson, and the American Kelly Slater, in the appointment sponsored by Rip Curl.

World Surf League - Under the tube
Surfer under the tube

The experienced surfers Wilson (30 years old) and Slater (47 years old) conceived a round of great technical quality, offering to the judges and assistants to the aerial event, regressions, and other classic movements of great visual and technical quality.

Filipe Toledo Vs. Jack Robinson In Round 32, Heat 9 In The Margaret River Pro 2019

The Australian coasts, specifically Margaret River, witnessed a high-quality battle between two elite surfers in this year’s tournament, Felipe Toledo and Jack Robinson.

Note that this meeting took place between 27 May and 9 June 2019.

This round was started by quite clean waves, and very specifically, by an aerial battle and pipe´s between the Brazilian Toledo and the local, the young Australian Jack Robinson.

Italo Ferreira At Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Moving forward, between April 3 and 13, 2019 on the Australian coasts of Snapper Rocks (Coolangatta), Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast witnessed an impressive and wild airplane,

Starring the Brazilian surfer Italo Ferreira, riding a wave of average size rose with surprising lightness, managing to detach completely from the water.

This way, it was such the quality of this movement that he earned a score of 8.43.

During this event, the Brazilian star won the heat 3, which was a fun day of great quality, as is customary in the World Surf League.

Florence Vs. Rodrigues Vs. Fioravanti – Sowing Round, Heat 1 – Corona Bali Protected 2019

This appointment was held on the exotic and beautiful beach of Keramas, in the spectacular Bali.

World Surf League - Top riding technique
Top riding technique

It was the third meeting of the WSL and was held in the month of May 2019, between the 13th and 25th of that month. The surf stars as John Florence (Hawaii), Michael Rodrigues (Brazil) and Leonardo Fioravanti (Italy) were the protagonists of an interesting day, who, despite not enjoying the best waves, gave the best of themselves.

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