Windsurf: 6 Reasons Why It Is Therapeutic

Windsurf - Good for you

Windsurf is a variation of surfing that implements a little bit of sail in its practice.

In fact, it is considered to be more complex than traditional surfing because it is not just about standing on the board but to maneuver the sail and play with the wind movements in those few centimeters of support that the board gives you.

This sport is considered therapeutic by many who even claim that it’s just the connection with the sea, but the issue is much deeper than that.

Anyway, windsurf does not only give you some results in physical conditioning but also brings you incredible mental improvements that go beyond the “escape” from the routine.

In this article, we will talk about the 6 reasons why Windsurfing is considered therapeutic:

1 Windsurf Is Cardio

Regardless of how many psychologists you have visited, they all recommend draining and oxygenating yourself with physical exercise.

Windsurf - A good excercise
Windsurf by the sunset

And it is for the simple fact that during the execution of an exercise in addition to taking care of our body, we free our mind of all our daily life problems.

This way, there is nothing better than an outdoor sport that strengthens even the nails.

When it comes to lifting the sail and keeping it up, standing in surf involves everything from your legs to your upper body.

2 Improved Posture

In the long run, it even influences self-esteem. You see, when our physical health and mood are good, this is reflected in our body language.

Similarly, many therapists explain that improving posture helps just as in a circular process our physical and mental health.

That is, good health leads to having a good mood that is reflected in a good posture that creates good physical and mental health.

If we start by changing our body posture, the other two states will be achieved in the same way by consequence. Simple, right?

3 Sunbathing & Windsurf

Windsurf –just as any other beach sport- is, in fact, good for cooling down and feeling the wind in your skin, which also makes you bodily “conscious”.

With the practice of this sport, you receive hundreds of stimuli in your body which you wouldn’t usually get. This is only due to the fact that you literally can’t be distracted by being on the board.

When windsurfing, you must keep your mind on your body, otherwise, you will be swimming most of the time, which takes us to the next point.

4. Windsurf Mixes Concentration, Meditation, And Exercise.

Your main goal here is to stand up and no matter how much theory you are taught, your body will teach you what you have to do to avoid falling.

Windsurf - Balance and wellbeing
Balance and harmony

This way, your body uses muscle memory, focus, and mental silence during your Windsurf practices.

5. Windsurf Develops Confidence With Multitasking Skills.

As I said, it’s not just about standing. That’s only the main goal.

Windsurf is about keeping your senses sharp: It’s the wave, the wind, the changes of directions, the rocking of the body, the posture, the force on the upper hand, the hair on your face, the pressure on your abdomen, your balance and your breathing.

This seems complicated, but it is accomplished with a couple of sessions and brings with it an incredible increase in the confidence of the one who achieves it.

6. Happiness

Staying on your feet for 30 seconds and increasing the count resembles an injection of endorphins directly into your torrent.

The joy of getting more time standing on the table is not just a matter of self-esteem. After so many falls, in the beginning, those seconds make you feel invincible.

Windsurf - Happiness
Happiness is the deal

So, give yourself a chance to practice and absorb a little vitamin D while you exercise.

With Windsurf, not only will you swallow salt water, but you will also eat your old self to come out renewed from each session!

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