Surfs Up

Surf Lessons: 5 Of The Most Common Ones

A man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

As we go to the beach to take that leisure strolls against the cool breeze of the ocean, you will come across surfers maneuvering the water terrains. It is always fascinating to watch these seasoned surfers as they make their way on the water. When you are watching them, it looks rather easy, and as […]

Surfs Up And 6 Other Surfing Movies For You

Surfs Up - Other surfer movies to go with

If you were a kid out there in 2007, and today you’re a surfer, probably Surfs Up was a movie you loved. However, this bet with famous voices like Shia Labeouf and James Woods, aimed specifically at a child audience is not the only one that Hollywood has done for this great sport. Besides, on […]

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