Surfs Up And 6 Other Surfing Movies For You

Surfs Up - Other surfer movies to go with

If you were a kid out there in 2007, and today you’re a surfer, probably Surfs Up was a movie you loved.

However, this bet with famous voices like Shia Labeouf and James Woods, aimed specifically at a child audience is not the only one that Hollywood has done for this great sport.

Besides, on this list, you won’t find any of the Jaws movies.

Surfs Up - Other Hollywood Arts
Hollywood loves surf!

Also, don’t worry, we don’t intend to spoil you.

1. Soul surfer – Way Different Than Surfs Up

Moving forward, this movie, directed by Sean McNamara, is a family drama very different from the comedy you enjoyed with Surfs Up.

However, the performances in this film are sublime and the central theme is quite shocking as it is a girl who loves surfing and is trying to recover after a shark attack.

2. Chasing Mavericks – Kind Of Surfs Up, Without Penguins

Next, Chasing Mavericks is one of the latest surfing bets on the big screen and tells the story of a young man named Jay Moriarty, who discovers that there is a legend about his house on a mysterious wave and almost impossible to survive.

Thus, this boy from Santa Cruz convinces a local surf legend, played by Gerard Butler, to train him and try to survive this mysterious giant wave.

Anyway, what makes this movie special is not just the surfer’s feeling, but the way in which they handle perfect levels of drama and comedy with the action of extreme surfing itself.

3. Point Break – The First Surf Classic Of Our List

Next, the movie Point Break is a police drama in which an undercover FBI agent tries to capture a gang of surfers who are apparently engaged in robbing banks.

So, maybe the Central plot is pretty much the same as “fast and furious” but this movie has its own thing, and Keanu Reeves’ performance is pretty surprising – even when there’s no headshot.

Surfs Up - Gang of surfers
Gang of surfers

4. Blue Crush – The Romance Drama That Surfs Up Didn’t Have

Next, leaving aside the bullying of penguins, we have Blue Crush.

Furthermore, this is a spectacular drama in which a professional surfer accustomed to extreme waves prepares to face one of the most important competitions of her life just when the vices of the heart cross her path.

Therefore, this film, which falls into the categories of drama, romance, and sports, may not be very famous but we can say that it’s quite good and is considered by many as a classic surf movie.

5. Endless Summer – The Best Surf Documentary Ever

Moving on, you may be too young to remember but if you go a little further into the world of surfing, surely someone will recommend this film.

Anyway, the plot isn’t really a wonderful thing, because it’s a documentary and not something else.

However, you will be able to see the most iconic places of the south worldwide accompanied by the longboard of two young professional surfers of the ’60s: Mike Hynson and Robert August.

6. Riding Giants – Where Most “Surfs Up” Kids Learn About Surfing History

Finally, we have this incredible documentary premiered in 2004.

Moreover, thanks to it, many surfers now know how surfing really began in the Hawaiian Islands and how they became famous over the decades.

In addition, this documentary features some incredible scenes in which you see how surfers enter the most tremendous waves.

Besides, thanks to the time in which they filmed it, you will see that the quality of the camera is already good enough to frame sublime photographs.

Surfs Up - Watch them comfortably
Watch them comfortably

Finally, I hope you liked our list. I recommend you to meet your surfing friends and enjoy these movies or just watch them in secret to learn more about this wonderful sport.

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