Surfing Videos: The Beauty Of Surfing On Your Screen -

Surfing Videos: The Beauty Of Surfing On Your Screen

surfing videos

If you, like me, love surfing and want to see amazing surfing videos, keep reading this article. You’ll find acrobatic clips and awesome tricks like from another world.

Surfing Videos
Surfing videos – Surfer on the waves

Surfing is one of the best sports that exist today because it allows us to develop a relationship between ourselves and nature.

In addition, it is a sport that puts all your skills to the test, as it takes a lot of concentration to stay on the board during the surf.

For this reason, those of us who love surfing always want to see new acrobatics, different wave routes, or other tricks that leave us amazed.

Surfer Magazine – Where The Pro’s Come In

In this video, Surfer magazine makes a compilation of the best acrobatics that has been done in 2018. In addition, it shows us how the best surfers have faced the most gigantic and intimidating waves in the world.

This video highlights the recording of Koa Smith that gives us a sample of spectacular surfing technique, as it manages to get in and out of a high wave without problems.

It should be noted that the shot is also incredible, as it shows us face to face how Koa Smith performs the feat and comes out ahead of it.

In the surfer magazine channel, you will also find a lot of videos called “Clips of the Month” in which the best surfing acrobatics are collected month by month. Have a look.

The Americas Pro-Tenerife Surfer Videos

Here you can see how different surfers from different countries competed to become the best in Europe.

You can also see how men and women put their skills into practice to beat the most imposing waves of the island of Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands belonging to Spain.

Without a doubt, being part of an archipelago, Tenerife has big and violent waves that can put more than one contestant in difficult situations, so concentration is essential.

We invite you to watch the video and enjoy the acrobatics that is only shown in world-class competition.

“Best Of Surf” Surfing Videos

In this video, we find a compilation of the best acrobatics aroused during the 2016 competitions.

As in the previous video, we can see the best surfers facing the biggest waves in the world in order to be champions of the competition.

In addition, you can appreciate the fabulous landscapes that exist in the region and that makes surfing becomes more than just a sport.

Without a doubt, it is a very recommendable video for those who love surfing and wish someday, to be surfing the best waves in the world.

Alternative Lines Surfing Videos

Alternative Lines is an incredible video collection that shows us how the best surfers in the world face the most imposing waves.

In the video, we can also see tricks like sitting on the board or walking on the board from back to front and vice versa while surfing.

Another incredible aspect is that the video is a mixture of the beauty of the sea, surfing and women surfers, who are undoubtedly the most beautiful in the world.

This is a video that you can’t miss if you love surfing and are interested in watching great acrobatics and tricks.

Besides, it should be noted that it is also one of Surfer magazine’s surfing videos, so, if you are interested in seeing more videos, subscribe to their channel.

What did you think of these wonderful surfing videos? Without a doubt, they are jewels that show how beautiful surfing can be. If you know of another video just as impressive, don’t hesitate to send it, we’ll be on the lookout.

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