Surfing Games: Best games for your phone and computer

Technology can bring that what you perceive as an imagination become a reality in the most relatable way. When it comes to gaming, you can be sure that there are so many genres of games out there. Sports, action, adventure, and some virtual reality experiences are some of the computer games that we have. At the moment, we have enough surfing games that you can play on your remote smartphone. If you’re a beginner you may even get to learn some of the combo moves from surfing games that you download on the play store for instance. Below are four of the most popular surfing games for your smartphone.

Banzai Surfer

I believe that you have come across Temple Run. This surfing game is an aquatic version of the Temple Run. So, what happens is you get to be the person who cuts across ocean waves as he tries to escape from the shark after you. The part where sharks are chasing you is the part which stimulates me the most.

Man Surfing on the waves

Refreshing Surfing Games: Ancient Surfer

When you hear the word ancient, I’m sure you might be thinking that this is a rather dull and old game. Well, it is quite right but don’t judge a book by its cover. This Surfing game takes you through ancient ruins and destinations where surfing takes place. Yours is to make sure you are timely with the waves and perform amazing combo moves.

The Journey

The Journey is a top-rated surfing game that is captivating and brings out the realistic surf in your miniature screen. One exciting thing about it is the fact that you can customize your style, location, and even receive some professional help from some of the best surfers.

Stickman Surfer

If you’re a person who loves cartoons, then this one is for you. Among the many surfing games we have, this one remains to be a unique one. Remember Super Mario? This surfing game almost has a setting close to that one. So, what happens is that you are supposed to help stickman who is the character in the game move through the different hardships, piers, caves, and shipwrecks.

Surfing Games; StickMan Surfer
Man Holding his surfing Stick

For those who love to see these surfing games on larger screens, we have computer games as well. Below are three of the best computer surfing games.

Surfing Games Based On A Movie: Surf’s Up

Did you know that we have a surfing movie with this same name? That should be among the best surfing games considering that it is almost a continuation of the surfing movie. It is a game which is based on a penguin that loves to surf after entering a memorial surfing contest. This game has several modes such as the multiplayer mode where you can play with up to four players and the single-player mode. The animation effects on this surfing game are mind-blowing.

Surf World Series

In most of the surfing games, we have several terrains for surfing. With this particular game, the surfing areas are real locations that we know of. For me, that has been the most exciting thing about the surfing game. There are an online player mode and a multiplayer mode that support up to three players. This surfing game includes surf areas from Waimea Bay to Australia.

People surfing in the oceans
Surfers in the ocean

Online Surfing Games: Surf V1.0

Have you heard of this online surfing game? Well, this is one of them. If you love games that are effortless to play, you’ve just come to the right spot. These surfing games hosted on a French game site. You only have one primary goal, which is to acquire as many points as possible in only two minutes. This is the time to your gaming session, and you should be very quick in attaining a goal. Above the wave, you will see some bonus icons which you should collect to earn more points. This surfing game allows you to have up to 10 wipeouts before it’s all over for you.

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