Surfing Australia: Top 3 Beaches

Surfing Beaches - Crowded Wave

Australia is one of the best-known paradises in the world because of it’s incredible surfing beaches that represent a challenge even for the most experienced.

You cannot miss on your surf trip. If you are a respectable surfer, at least once in your life, you will have to face the Australian sea.

 Surfing Australia - Crowded Wave
Surfing Australia – Crowded Wave

For all those who have already decided to make the trip, we have this article where we will recommend you the regions with the most incredible beaches that there are in the main Australian cities.

5. Victoria Surfing Australia

It is an area stretching from the state of Melbourne to southwest Bellarine. In this area, you can visit famous beaches around the world as is the case of Bells Beach. Every year, there are various surf competitions and music festivals.

Victoria also has something for you if you are looking for tranquility instead of adrenaline. We recommend that you take a tour of the Jan Juc, Point Impossible, and Point Danger enclaves, which are known for their gentle waves. This visit is almost obligatory if you are just starting to surf.

4. Sydney’s Extreme Waves

The capital of Australia (Sydney) is one of the cities with the most beaches in the world, so if you are in this area you will have a lot of options to choose from.

You can visit the Tamarama currents to learn or improve your skills if you don’t feel ready for the big waves of Manly, another beach near Sydney that has the most incredible waves in the region.

If you’re looking for some privacy, you can visit the beaches of Queens Cliff, Curl Curl, Dee Why, etc. In these places, there are very few surfers, so the sea will be just for you.

3. Queensland Surfing Australia For Pro’s

Surfing Australia - Riding on
Surfing Australia – Riding on

It is one of the states that attract more tourists in all of Australia because it has golden beaches and indomitable waves.

If you visit this area, it is your obligation for every surfer to visit the Costa Dorada, a beach completely invaded by surfers.

Another important attraction is the Snapper Rocks Superbank, a beach where you can ride giant waves. In fact, some surfers consider this region to be where the world’s biggest waves can be found.

If you want to get started in the world of surfing, we recommend a visit to North Stradbroke Island, where you’ll not only enjoy an incredible boat ride but also find everything you need to polish your surfing skills.

2. Perth

This region is full of beaches located to the west of Australia. Here you can visit islands like Trigg Island where you will find the most challenging waves in the country.

A very important attraction of the region is the Margaret River, where you can meet the contemporary surfing elite and enjoy a good afternoon of surfing with them.

For those seeking extreme emotions, Perth offers the beaches of The Box, North Point, and Smiths where you will find a violent swell that reaches great height (up to 3 meters).

The area of Esperance is also one of the most visited by surfers each year, as they create the best waves due to a large number of islands and reefs in the place.

1. Adelaide Surfing Australia

Located in southern Australia, this state offers all its visitors’ pure adrenaline on the Fleurieu Peninsula, where every year thousands of surfers ride the highest waves in the region.

Surfing Australia - Peninsula
Surfing Australia – Peninsula

Here you’ll find water breaks, reefs, and sand like nowhere else in the world.

Undoubtedly, Australia offers adrenaline to surfers in every square meter, if you plan to visit it. Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures. We’d love to see them.

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