Surfermag: Our Top 5 To Subscribe

Surfermag - WSSM Magazine

A Surfermag is the real answer if you already spent hours searching the internet for good information about surfing.

Beyond seeing photos or videos, as a surfer, you may understand that you are part of something great, that is loved by people all over the world, and that is much more than capturing a moment.

Surfing implies loving the ocean and, therefore, nature.

Yet, it also implies knowing experiences and feeling that you are inspiring others, as well as finding friends or stars of this sport inspiring you.

Surfermag - Info from the world
You can get information from all over the world

Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of the best surfer mags you should subscribe to if you want to get real insights of this amazing world.

Surfer – The Classic Surfermag

Founded in 1960, this magazine has been in circulation for almost 60 years.

And, you know what? They didn’t miss the opportunity to be online.

On the official site of Surfer, you can read news about surfing, get through an online store for everything you need for your practices, read inspiring stories, watch videos and photographs, participate in forums, among other things.

Here, you can subscribe free of charge to the newsletter, or you can provide your personal data to purchase the subscription to the print edition of this surfermag, available to people inside and outside the United States.

Surfers Path – The 90’s Surfermag For Excellence

Established in 1997, Surfer’s Path magazine is different from the rest by one fact: From May 2004 it became the only fully recycled surf magazine on the market.

On the other hand, although they were in the UK, they reached a global audience until the print edition ceased in 2014 for environmental reasons –It’s a green magazine.

Nowadays this is a website that had to be reinvented and, to be honest, currently has little content.

However, the one they have is of great quality and, due to its near past, it is well worth being up to date with this website which can be profiled as a great source of surfing information –Especially when buying guides come to mind.

WSSM – The Pro’s Choice

WSSM is one of the few publications that offers its readers the opportunity to read each issue free of charge online, in addition to previous issues, so that you can enjoy the WSSM content regardless of where you are.

Surfermag - WSSM
Meant for the ladies, loved by the pro’s

By now, they have a 15-year track record and are focused on helping and inspiring women surfers around the world.

This magazine has an annual edition, and the cost within the United States –with free shipping- is $12.99, while the international cost is $39.99.

Also, if you wish, you can download the requirements forms to work with the publishers.

Carve – For The British Surfer

This is a magazine based in Cornwall, United Kingdom, which has represented the British surf scene since its inception in 1994 and is currently available online.

Anyway, you can easily purchase any of the 10 most recent issues through the online store dedicated to the sale of the print edition at any time.

Furthermore, when you enter the site you will find the guides section especially useful, where you will find recommendations for almost every aspect of surfing, just as you would expect from a good surfermag.

In addition, if within your possibilities is planned to have a vacation in some interesting place, and especially in Europe, in this same guide section, you will find useful information about several destinations.

Tracks Magazine

Tracks Magazine is Australia’s leading surf magazine with 40 years of publication and with each issue, they strive to take you to the most exotic surf spots.

They’re also dedicated to reporting on what’s happening on the professional circuit and on Australia’s beaches.

Tracks Magazine, your Australian “To go”

So, if you’re thinking about getting to know the Australian waves, this is a good consular source.

This one is nowhere near free, take a look at their fees:

  • A 12-month subscription costs $69
  • A 24-month subscription costs $129.

On the other hand, you can check their site for the most relevant news from the world of surfing, as well as events, and a basic newsletter.

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