Surfboard Traction Pad Adhesive Foot Grip -

Surfboard Traction Pad Adhesive Foot Grip

Surfboard Traction Pad Adhesive Foot Grip

Some people are real adventures, and they get involved in many kinds of sports and activities. Surfing is one such adventure activity. Surfing has an ancient history and even surfboard. There is surfboard from the late 60s that people still use. They are sturdy and perform very well. Nowadays the surfboard is more fancy and colorful than from back in the days. You will see in old movies, or if your grandparents have the surfboard, then you will see how right the surfboard is from the back in the time. Surfboard traction pad adhesive foot grip will have to get the proper hold of your foot on the surfboard.

Surfboard Traction Pad Adhesive Foot Grip

Back in the day’s people were focused on the purpose than on the looks. Nowadays it is more about the looks than the use. And because of such reasons that durability of any good is degrading day by day. It is a man’s pride to ride the waves of the sea and to withstand the turbulent waves of the sea. People take years and years of practice to surf and get into the sea, but they are not perfect in the art of surfing.

Features Of Surfboard Traction Pad Adhesive Foot Grip

Surfing without any form of grip on your surfboard is like walking on ice, which is very risky for your life because it is very slippery. These traction pads are the best alternative to surfboard wax, which most people use when they use surfboard. Unlike wax, it will not melt under the heat of the sun, you don’t need to re-apply it, and it does not require maintenance, so a lot of time and money you will save.

It provides grip to your back foot and prevents you from slipping from the board. The length is 30 cm, and the width is 32 cm, the thickness is 0.5cm, and the arch pad is 8mm, and the net weight is 85g, and the kick tail is as high as 36mm. The material of the product is EVA, and the package size is 32 x 20 x 4cm, and the package weight is 100g. the product has many variants like two rows with holes, three rows with holes, vertical and dotted holes, whole board with holes, diagonal side holes, seven rows with holes, no holes.

Surfboard And Fun

Surfing is a fun activity that anybody can master, whether a child or an adult. When you go on a beach vacation, you will see the locals of the place are so free for surfing, and even small children do great surfing fearlessly. Swimming and surfing go hand in hand, and you should know both of them together before you make mind to get into the sea. If you do not know swimming than the sea will eat you.

There are some fun activities which are relating to water when you go on a beach vacation and surfing is one of such events. So next time you goof one try to do it and use an old wood surfboard and see how good it performs in comparison to your fancy board.

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