Surfboard: History And Types


Nowadays, surfing is becoming a passion for the latest generation. One of the essentials of surfing is a surfboard. It is mainly a surfboard made for wave breakers in particular.

This board is designed with less volume but a strong body that’s supports a surfer and gives him a good equilibrium. It has a sharp pointy nose and ends to play more smoothly in the water. If you want to surf in a playful manner then it’s the right board.

History Of Surfboard

Every spot is someone’s innovation. Concerning surfing, it is said that Polynesians started to play with waves and named it like surfing. They crafted surfboards with woods and imprinted them skillfully. Soon after, this sport became worldly famous and people adopt it open-heartedly.

1. Hawaiian Or Medieval Surfboard

Hawaiians were the inventors of the primary surfboard. Thus they crafted it with the wood of sacred-trees and paint them using natural colors of plants.

2. Fiberglass Surfboard

Fiberglass is a transparent plastic looks like glass material. It was crafted in 1946 by Hawaiian. They introduced this surfboard which was not only lightweight but also sturdy and smooth to surf.

3. Modern Surfboard

It was the advance figure of the fiberglass board. Hobie Alter invented a modern surf slot using foam of polyurethane in its interior and polyester viscous for its exterior. He later introduced fibe-glassing methods.

Types of Surfboard
Type of Surfboard

Surfboard: Types And Sizes

In a beginner’s surf journey, as he wishes to buy a surfboard, so many options come in front of him. Therefore, he needs to know which board is an ideal match that would go well with body weight and height. So here we are putting the contemporary surfboard types and sizes in picture:

Short Surfboard

1. Latest Shortboard

Surfers usually choose shortboards to tactic quickly than other kinds of surf slots. Due to lack of floatation, it is difficult to surf big waves with a short slot. These are 180 to 210 cm 6 to 7ft long. These slots are designed with a pointy nose with a sharp end to paddle smoothly on gigantic waves. These are pretty good for newcomers.

2. Hybrid-Surfboard

The hybrid board with an extra rounded design is generally 180 to 260 cm 6 to 8.5 ft in length. Consequently, this board has more volume and is suitable for heavy surf. This board possesses an attractive design like a longboard. Therefore, a hybrid board holds some features of the longboard.

3. Fish-Surfboard

The fish board has a wide and flat shape. So it goes faster on slower breaking waves more smoothly. Moreover, it is first-rate for youngsters as it is trouble-free and maintains balance.

4. Funboard

Funboard is a general term for all surfboards. If a surfer wants to have fun and adventure at the same time so it’s the right choice for him. It is easy to balance with extra capacity to tactic waves. It is wide plus stable. However, it’s equally suitable for the heavier surfer and a new one. They have medium size usually a length of 210 to 240 cm 7 to 8 ft thickness of 6 to 8cm 3 inches and a width of about 56 cm or 22 inches so that a surfer could stand or lay on it.

5. Gun

Guns have a thin profile of a solo quad or three fin structures. The gun is for an intense surfer who needs speed. So it is specially devised with a narrow tail and sharp nose for skilled surfers. These boards contain a length of 210 to 370 cm 7 to 12 ft.

6. SUP

It is called a stand-up paddle slot or sup. It’s the latest addition in the family of the surfboard. However, it supports in standing up properly. It is about 12 ft long double in size of a surfer that not only enables him to paddle with good equilibrium but also enhance rail. Sup supports great surfers to enter in a large wave marvelously.

Long Surfboard


The present longboard has experienced several amendments. It has a lighter and smoother body than its predecessors. Moreover, its polyurethane foam and fiberglass design enable less drag on waves. A longboard is mainly a solo fin board with sharp ends. A Longboard is 270 to 370 cm, 9 to 12 ft long. It is usually 240 to 300 cm, 8 to 10 ft, long although some ride boards are up to 370 cm, 12 ft long.

Storm Blade SSR Performance Longboard Surfboard

  • 9’0”H x 24”W x 3.5”L / Volume: 98L Weight: 18.2lbs/8.3kgs
  • Superior EPS Core with focally set 3x Marine Ply Stringers
  • 4mm EBS’ IXL Foam Top Deck Mid point carry handle Nose, Tail and Rail reinforcement
  • High Grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Slick Bottom
  • Bolt-Thru Thruster Set Up Reinforced fin-plug inserts with water barrier Silica rings

StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade SSR Performance Longboard Surfboard

StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade SSR Performance Longboard Surfboard
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