Surf Rider: The 5 Steps To Do It Right -

Surf Rider: The 5 Steps To Do It Right

So if you are thinking about learning to surf, and you want to be the best surf rider quickly, it is imperative that you take into account a few things.

Do It Right

In this article, we are going to give you some tips to learn how to surf quickly and safely, as well as explain the basic steps you need to know to learn to settle on the board without having to pay a school.

First, Some Tips For Being A Surf Rider

Learn from a surf rider expert:

You don’t necessarily have to pay for a school but if you are accompanied by someone who is already going to surf, you will have more guarantee to learn well the form and the technique.

Choose a good surf school:

Okay, when it comes down to it, the best way to learn something is to go to a place that is used to teach that something.

Dry Surfing is important:

Being in the sand can be annoying. However, practicing your posture and balance in the sand is the best way to get used to the board.

Surf Rider - Dry Surfing
The sand may be your first friend!

Come on, spending about 15 minutes on the sand in each of your sessions can increase your chances of success.

Surfing is about choosing the right break:

Depending on the beach the way the waves break will be different. While the waves break more vertically, it will be harder for you to maintain balance on the board if you are not used to it.

Exercise surf rider body:

You need your whole body to stay in tune if you want to be a good surfer.

About this, the best thing to do is to practice calisthenics or a complete routine in the gym to avoid your weight is poorly distributed.

(A common mistake is to think that you should only exercise the lower part of the body).

Your knees are the key

When you finally get to stand on the board, avoid making the mistake of stretching your legs completely.  This is the easiest way to fall.

To be a good surf rider, master the basics

Don’t despair, surfing consists of steps, and you must learn to master each one if you want to be the best.

Surf Rider: The 5 Steps To Do This Right

All right, at this point, you should have chosen a place to start practicing and most likely you have your board in hand.

So, let’s explain the four basic steps involved in surfing:

1. Paddling the waves

  • The first thing you have to do is learn how to paddle the waves, basically, you are going to swim on the board while you push yourself with your hands.
  • This first exercise is going to be practiced at first like the small ones, this way you learn to take them and it will be easier for you to ride the bigger waves.

2. Diving duck

  • It is important to note that this technique does not apply to longboards.
  • The diving duck basically consists of learning to go under the wave with your shortboard. This way, you take advantage of the wave impulse to increase your speed instead of being hit by it.

3. Pick the wave

  • At this point begins the cool part of surfing, but riding the wave is something you must learn to do well if you do not want to disturb others.
Surf rider - Inside the wave
Get on the next wave!

4. Control your adjustment and rowing position well

  • Try to stay in the middle of the board.
  • Balance your weight to control the sliding of the board on the wave
  • Learn to turn the board to one side so you can really tame the approaching wave
  • When you feel the wave coming towards you, lean forward and paddle as hard as you can
  • Once you slide under the wave, you’ll be able to float on it.

5. Stand up Surf Rider

  • We come to the final step, it is important that you know how to stand on the wave while your board slides on it.
  • This is where all that time you spent practicing in the sand pays off and you can finally call yourself a surf rider.
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