Surf Report: Top 3 websites To Get One

A surf report makes it easier for all the surfers in the world to cover that need, every weekend, of knowing where to find the best waves.

After all, it’s a real disappointment when you’ve planned a trip to a beach close to the one you’re always heading for, and it turns out that when it comes to riding, things aren’t exactly as you’d hoped.

Today you can find several surf report websites, and depending on where you live, you could even have an option that is more locallyfocused than the ones on our list.

Surf Report - Avoid Storms
Avoid Storms with your Surf Report

Nevertheless, we hope this list can be great for you and, above all, allows you to better enjoy your board under the sun:

Surfline Surf Report

Especially focused on the beaches of Southern California (United States), Surfline is one of the most traditional, largest, and most visited surfing reports and forecasts websites in the world.

It was founded in 1985 and is a complete website for accurate wave forecasts.

On this, Surfline offers its visitors and subscribers everything they need to know about current and future surfing conditions, wave height forecasts, tides, live winds, storms, periods of surfing, the latest surfing news and much more.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that Surfline is the official surf report of the World Surf League (WSL).

Surf Report - Good waves
Good Waves

Interestingly, like a local newscast, they broadcast reports several times a day, indicating changing conditions and forecasts, announcing the conditions expected for the day, the conditions expected in the short term, and a brief update in the afternoon.


  • The free membership gives you what you need.
  • But for $69.99 per year or $12.99 per month, you can get an exquisite premium membership with more detailed information and heads-up.

Magicseaweed Surf Report

This website has been online since 2002 and is another of the world’s most popular and visited surfing reports and forecasts.

However, they are not limited to providing data for users and visitors only but offer a rating system of one to five stars and wind directions color-coded by red, orange and green, indicating whether the winds are favorable or unfavorable.

The main objective of this website by providing surf report with high technical level is to train its users with the tools, information, and knowledge to develop skills that allow them to analyze whether or not there will be good waves.

Besides, although being based in the southwest of England, they offer information about beaches from about 180 countries, so it is very likely that your favorite beach is listed.


  • The price of the premium membership is cheaper than the previous website: €25.99 per year and €2.69 per month, but the service is less intuitive.

Coastalwatch Surf Report

If you have in mind visiting Australia, Indus, Maldives or a nearby place, then the best place to get information while planning your trip is Coastalwatch.

This website has a lot of history, as they are online since 1998 and provide a fairly straightforward surf report.

Coastalwatch works by providing a three-day table showing information on current surf conditions, wave height, direction and wave period, as well as wind direction and speed, and tide information.

Surf Report - Bad Clima Signs
Some times is better to not go

Besides, they provide an offshore wave forecast, so that you can study the influence of the waves closest to the coast.

Like Magicseaweed, they use color-coded wind graphs, using blue and green when the winds are favorable and yellow, orange, and red when they are not meant to be your surfing playground.


  • Coastalwatch is basically free.

Why Are These The Best Surf Report Sites?

  • Each of these three options we present you have a long and trustworthy record.
  • They all count with mobile apps -with some reduced options- for Android and IOS.
  • They all cover a nice number of renowned surfing beaches.
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