Types Of Art In Surfing

Art is generally a way to communicate through imagery. It is also a very profound way of life as there is so much life to a piece of artwork if you pay close attention to it. Any artist who dares to come up with a masterpiece always has a goal for the same, and most of the time it is still very pronounced. An artist can depict every form of activity, life, and sports. Surfing is a sport that artists, especially the ones who have been authentic surfers, can describe very passionately. 

Surf art is a way to celebrate the heritage of surfing and also to be able to trace the roots of where it all began. As you head to the ocean, you can be sure to see so much of surfing activity taking place. Can you imagine all this activity on a piece of paper or in terms of canvas painting? That is what a Surf artist is always trying to curate. Their imagination lies in the manipulation of Surf and the emotions of the surfer. Also, not to forget the interaction with their immediate environment.

Here are some of the types of Surf art that we have.

Vintage Surf Art

This type of art brings you back to the days when surfing was a new thing on this planet of men. It is a depictive look at the beach lifestyle and the moments form various locations with surfing spots. So that you know, this type of art has a signature on it for authenticity purposes. Like we have copyrights in the media industry, so is it in the surfing arts industry. You may purchase these vintage surf art pieces from online in several sites that offer them. 

Surf Art
Vintage Surf Art

Modern Surf Art

Just as the name suggests, here is another one in the categories of surfing arts. This type of art tends to show the evolutions that surfing has gone through the ages. Depending on the experience of the artist, you can be able to point out what is new in the field of surfing by just giving these paintings a close look. There is also a connection between humankind and the beaches, together with the compelling waves of the ocean. With modern art, it is very diverse in the sense that you may be having a painting that only has words but still depicts surfing.

Contemporary Surf Art

This type of art almost tends to be confused with modern art, but there is a very thin line between the two models of creativity. First and foremost, surfing begun a long time ago, and since then, modern art has been on the rise. As things have evolved, so has surf art which is now referred to like contemporary art. This type of drawings tends to infuse several things. For example, you could see a very colorful painting with a surfer on a board in an ocean which is not blue as we are used to.

Contemporary art

Abstract Art

This type of art seeks to achieve the portraying of different attributes of nature using colors, shapes, and other gestures. It is a rather indirect way to communicate visually. It is more prominent with the depiction of the waveforms. This type of art will infuse more colors to create a visual impression of the waves, surfboard, and emotions.

Abstract Painting

Original Paintings

This type of art is prominent with those artists who have also mastered the skill of surfing. John Severson is believed to be the pioneer of this great piece of work. He was also able to document surfing in various forms such as drawings and books, not forgetting magazines. Original pieces tend to be less complicated.

Signature Editions

These are prints that are created from images. They are also produced as single fine art prints, they are hand-signed and have a number as well. These pieces become exclusive once they have the owner’s signature. Once the buyer requests, then the artist can permit it.

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