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Pro surfer

Many people love to dedicate the weekend to practice their favorite activity, for some, it is basketball, dancing, or climbing. But for you, it surely is becoming a pro surfer.

Nevertheless, let me tell you that the difference between being on a pro surfer circuit and spending the weekend with friends will lie in the effort you put into it.

Pro Surfer - Ride the waves
Pro Surfer – Ride the waves

It may seem like you have the talent to dedicate yourself to riding your board in the sun and keep your bank account up to date with it. But the truth is that you need to follow a strategy, both in your image and with your performance in the water.

1. Work On Your Pro Surfer Image

Firstly, part of the process of being able to make the transition to the big surf circuit pro lies in knowing how to sell yourself.

Even if you are the type of introverted person, you need to show yourself daring, make the people who observe you see that they need to work with you. In fact, that same principle is rehearsed by many people before appearing in a job interview. Introduce yourself to industry-related social events.

  • You also need to manage your social networks well.
  • You will have to establish a working relationship with a cameraman.
  • If you don’t get a professional one, a good friend with a suitable camera may be more than enough for you to become the topic of conversation on social networks and in the media.

When you have managed to attract the attention of a small sponsor, you should be available for absolutely everything.

A Professional Surfer’s Life Can Be Hard

Even if a trip is interfering with a personal event, such as a friend’s birthday, you have to be available. Besides, this will help you sell a professional image and perhaps make more profit with other companies in the future.

Pro Surfer - Your life on the line
Pro Surfer – Your life on the line

It’s no secret that the most successful sports personalities first used their image to make money, mostly by establishing an identity through a certain style.

You need to follow this principle, although it is true that at the moment you are not professional, you have to identify with a style, do not simply ride the waves, but create an identity, which includes your image.

2. Work Your Pro Surfer Style In The Water

In addition to understanding the correct way to present yourself to event organizers and sponsors, you also have to support your intentions with a performance superior to the regular every time you ride the waves.

Firstly, you need to try riding waves on other beaches, get out of your comfort zone. After all, those who make it to the surf pro circle have to travel the world and face different conditions.

The Next Step Is To Be A Pro Surfer Is Participating In Amateur Level Events

Pro Surfer - Make your self known!
Pro Surfer – Make your self known!

Although it will not be possible for you to win every event (it would be disappointing to set a goal and not reach it), you must perceive that you manage to keep consistent results.

Anyway, just try to always be close to the top of the final standings.

When you have mastered this environment the next step is to look for the nearest location of the Surfing Professionals Association (ASP).

This entity has Pro and Junior Pro events (for children age 20 and under) that cater to surfers in all areas.

This Will Make You A Pro Surfer For 2 Reasons

  • First, they are the best way to face other surfers with the same dream as you, and perhaps with the same level of talent.
  • On the other hand, to belong to this or any other association you must pay monthly fees, as well as registration for events and transportation to them -making you work harder.

At this point, you are probably ready to participate with other riders at the pro surfer level. However, you should be aware that you will have to pay for trips to different locations. Therefore, at this point, it is even more important that you apply the principles associated with the management of your image so that you are able to attend all the appointments of the circuit.

Making a living riding the waves is possible, but you have to take it seriously if you want to succeed.

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