Longboard Surf: The Ultimate Buyer Guide

Longboard surf - No need to go alone

We all know that the most eye-catching surfing style of all is longboard surf.

For this reason, I will dedicate this article to teach you everything you need to know to choose the right longboard for your surfing sessions.

What Makes Longboard Surf So Special?

To begin with, the longboard is the most traditional and the deepest draw represents the essence of surfing.

In addition, the size of the board and the way in which it balances its weight cause all the pushing force to be distributed along with the board which even allows you to walk on it while you’re riding the wave.

Longboard surf - Taller than you
A great and pretty longboard

Besides, another reason that makes longboard surfing so tempting is that it really makes things easier.

Unlike surfing on a small board, the longboard works faster and carries the waves smoother as if you were on a kind of boat.

This way, you’ll go faster than you think and you’ll learn with a little more satisfaction.

On the downside

The only disadvantage of longboard surfing is the fact that as the board is big enough, it won’t do you much good to try to get into small waves so it’s very risky for beginners to start with this type of practice.

Moving forward, if you’re still not convinced I’m going to give you 10 reasons why I would recommend that you try the longboard even once.

Longboard Surf: 4 Reasons To Try It

  1. Is the board that will look cooler on your summer photos
  2. Thanks to its facility you will be able to practice it at any age as long as you can stay standing
  3. The heavier the weight the more strength you need to paddle, which is why the longboard is special when it comes to exercising your arms
  4. Thanks to its length and stability you can literally walk on it while riding the wave -or go on with a companion.
Longboard Surf - No need to surf alone
You can surf with your girlfriend, or your dog!

Furthermore, another benefit of longboard surfing is that these boards are usually a little cheaper because of their materials, especially those made of foam.

Now, since you know what makes these boards so wonderful, let’s talk about the types of boards and how to choose the best longboard for you.

Types Of Boards For A Longboard Surf

Just as there are many types of surfboards, there are also three types of longboards. Among them are the following:

  • Competitive longboard – they are high-performance boards with a system of two plus a large central keel and two small ones on the sides, you have more maneuverability but are much less resistant in the long term.
  • Traditional longboard surfboards – these only have one keel and have a small ripple at the tip to help you get into the wave easily.
  • Foam boards – Unlike competitive or traditional boards that are usually made of wood or special fibers, these are much easier to handle and less painful in case of falls. So they are the “beginners” option.

How To Choose The Best Longboard For You

Longboard surf - Longboard for sale
KONA longboard! Check it out on Amazon
  • An important measure for your surfboard is its liters. These define the buoyancy of the board so the more you have the better it usually is.
  • Next, Take into account its weight and height. The higher your body mass, the more liters you need the board to have. On the other hand, the higher your height, the longer you need the board to be.
  • Then, evaluate the type of waves you are going to deal with. If you already feel like a professional, you can use more aerodynamic boards, but if you are going to climb from small or slow waves, the best thing you can do is buy a traditional or foam longboard.

So, get ready, look for your surf report, and go to the best beach you can get to so you can try for the first time the true essence of surfing: mastering a wave during a longboard surfing session.

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