Learn To Surf: 6 Common Mistakes That Surfers Make

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When you head to the beach, you realize that there are so many surfers. The funny thing is the fact that not all of them are competent in surfing. Most of them are just making some tryouts. We all begin from somewhere either way and as a beginner, you are most probably susceptible to the most common mistakes in surfing. As you start to learn to surf, you will always begin as an amateur. Don’t worry as there is still room for improvement.
As you try to learn stuff, below are some of the most common mistakes which surfers make.

Wave Intensity

You might think that this is an obvious thing but then let me tell you this free. If you happen to come across a massive wave, a lot of things might happen to you. Most of the people who are looking forward to learning to surf failed to acknowledge the fact that beaches are different and there are the different regions of a beach or ocean which waves are streaming in at different intensities. The safe thing for you to do is to ensure that you have gotten into a safe surf break.

Positioning The Leash As You Learn To Surf

It’s essential to, first of all, know the importance of a leash. In your very first stages, that is as you learn to surf, there is something called a Wipeout. When a wipeout occurs, what happens after that as you are on your surfboard, it is only a leash that can keep you safe, and it does that by keeping you close to your surfing board. If you refer to yourself as a somewhat experienced surfer, then your leash should go to your right foot. That would mean that you surf with your left foot forward. The inverse is accurate, and that means your strap goes to the left foot if you surf with your right foot forward.

Learn to Surf as you position your leash
Man Holding His Surfing Board

The Bigger, The Better

Every time you are watching these professional surfers, you assume that they are having the time of their life when they are surfing using those tiny and rather small surfing boards. As they learn to surf, you were not there. For this reason, you should know that a bigger surfing board is safer and more convenient for you if you’re a beginner and are on a path to learn to surf.

Dragging Your Board On The Beach

When you are on the verge of learning to surf, I am pretty sure that you want to appear like the coolest surfer ever. Going to the beach holding your surfboard and then dragging it down along with you could spoil your board. The tail of your surfboard could get hit by small objects which you might not even see with your own eyes as you are so concentrating on being cool. What you should do is carry the board under your arm, on your head, or carry it with a friend.

Holding a surfboard
Lady Holding their surfboard to the ground

Waxing Your Board As You Learn To Surf

You should be very attentive to the basics when you are getting to learn how to surf. The purpose of the surf wax is to maintain a grip of you as the suffer to the surfing board. Once you have the grip, you can be sure to surf without any uncertainty. The surf wax should go to the top side of the board and never the underside. You should always get to learn the different types of surf wax that we have available on the surf shops. The colder climates will need a somewhat softer wax to be able to maintain the grasping power of the wax. Warmer climates on the other side will need a tougher wax to prevent it from melting.

Surfboard waxing
Man Waxing his surfing board

Wearing The Wetsuit

As you begin to learn to surf, you can be sure that wearing the wetsuit might be a bit challenging. It is somewhat ok to go online and check out some of the tutorials which are available for you who want to learn to surf. When you’re surfing in colder temperatures, you may need to add on some other accessories such as gloves together with a hood, and boots. When you have them on you, you will need to tuck them in your wetsuit to avoid them drowning in water. The critical thing for you who wants to learn to surf is to know that with a wetsuit, the logo always comes out and should be seen when you have put on that wetsuit.

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