How To Surf: An Illustrative Guide To Surfing For Beginners -

How To Surf: An Illustrative Guide To Surfing For Beginners

How amazing does it seem to glide the oceans without any much difficulty? Trust me, it is an excellent experience you may want to have. In the meantime, though, you want to learn how to surf before you can get started in the Dos and Dont’s of surfing. There is hope for you if you have been looking forward to surfing. There are thousands of relevant tutorials and content that you can use to be the best at surfing.

Let me take you through what you should need, what to expect, and how to get along in surfing. First and foremost, let us look at the gear which you must have to surf.

Surfing Board

If you are very persistent on how to surf, you will get yourself a board. This is dependent on your, though. In the beginning, as you are starting, you can get rental boards at the training academies for the sport. As time goes by, you will be able to know how to surf when you follow on the levels of learning at least up to the intermediate level. When you have the necessary skills for surfing, you can go ahead and get a surfing board. I would strongly advise that you get a 7′ board. Do not try and compare yourself to the competent and rather skilled surfers who are using the tiny boards. Remember, you are just learning how to surf, and you are not there yet. You will be soon, though.

Surf Boards
Surf Boards

A Wetsuit

A wetsuit is essential when it comes to surfing. If you’re looking forward to knowing how to surf, then you also need to get online and get some of the best wetsuits. The first thing you should always keep in check is your budget. You can be sure that you’ll come across so many ads and other fancy deals on the wetsuits. You want to know how to surf, so look for wetsuits which can help you easily glide on your board as you maneuver the waves. 

Wet Suit
Surfer in a Wet Suit

Surf Wax

 As you set out on a journey to learn how to surf, you should now be familiar with the basics of surfing. Despite your surfboard having a traction pad, you will also need some surf wax. What does this do, you may ask? It will help you gain stability on your surfboard and more so where your Feet will be well attached to the board. From as low as $4, you can get yourself a surf wax. You can be sure of not slipping from the board when you have this wax.

A man applying Surf Wax
Surf Wax

Surf Leash

Safety should always be the first thing that you should watch out on when you want to begin to learn how to surf. As you maneuver your way through the waves, you will realize that sometimes, you might be prone to sliding, slipping, or losing a bit of balance. For this and several other reasons, it is better when you have a surf leash that can protect you, especially when you fall off the board. A proper strap is the one which is long enough in a way that it gives you some space, especially when you fall off and avoid getting hit by the board.

Man Surfing the Ocean with a Leash
Man with a Leash

Surf Travel Bag

This one is mostly for those beginners who would wish to know how to surf but at the same time want to travel. In case you’re asking for the price, they are quite pricey. To get a good surfboard, you will need around $400. Since you are starting on how to surf, the best thing for you to do with is to get online and look for some used bags. Well, it doesn’t have to be online, you can get it at some shop near the beach.

Travel Surf Bag
Travel Bag


Like I said before, safety should always be a priority when you want to know how to surf. When you’re surfing, you may not realize it, but there is some water that gets into your ears and might end up causing what is referred to as Surfers’ ear. This is a condition whereby you may have some tiny bones growing in your ear. The only cure for this is surgery. The best advice for you as you’re learning to surf is to put on some earplugs.

Surfer Earplugs
Surfer with Earplugs
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