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Hawaii Surf And 4 Reasons Why It Is The Best

Hawaii Surf - Mid level

Beyond legends, we always hear of Hawaii surf as the best by excellence, not only for its competitiveness and its beaches but also for the way in which sport has taken root in these islands at a cultural level.

In this article, we’re going to talk a little bit about why surfing is better in Hawaii.

1. Hawaii Surf History

The first thing you should know is that surfing was born in Hawaii, and it is only for this that it has been so adopted by its population and remained completely connected to their culture.

Clearly, as the oldest known record in the South dates back to 1779, when Lieutenant James King described the first account of native Hawaiians surfing.

Subsequently, he explained how these men were mounted on wooden boards and riding the waves of the now famous Kealakekua Bay.

Anyway, there are those who believe that it really originated in ancient Polynesia and later arrived in Hawaii where the game became of the local royalty.

Hawaii Surf - Big wave
A huge wave from a sky view!

In the end, the history of surfing has been written by the enthusiasts over the years and today there are hundreds of places in which you can practice the sport in the islands this mainly to the fact that they are too well located.

2. Hawaii Surf – Where And When?

In the winter, you will find incredible and prominent waves on the east coast and the famous North Shore of Oahu. 

However, the Hawaiian giant wave season only lasts a couple of months, from the second half of November to early February.

The world’s most important surfing competition, the “Vans Triple Crown of Surfing” run by the WSL. Particularly, it usually takes place between November and December at North Shore Beach.

However, Hawaii never stops having waves throughout the year.

This way, the south side of the islands receives the biggest waves during the summer.

3. The Versatility Of Hawaiian Surfing

Furthermore, the versatility of the beaches makes Hawaii the best place to surf.

Also, we find incredible beaches of competitive level with monstrous waves that only the most professional dare to face.

In addition, we can even find beaches to relax.

Hawaii Surf - Relaxing Beach
A perfectly relaxing beach in Hawaii

For example, on Ho’okipa beach, you will find medium waves, friendly enough for you to learn to surf.

Besides, you can share the day with the giant sea turtles that are always on the beach of the island.

On the other hand, in Lahaina, you will find smaller ones if you don’t feel confident enough.

Although you should try to surf more carefully on this beach as the water depth is shallow. And you will have beautiful but sharp natural reef underneath.

Therefore, you won’t be short of options. To be honest, I’m just naming some of the beaches you can go to.

Additionally, keep in mind that this state is a conglomerate of 7 islands so your options are quite varied.

4. Hawaii Surfing And Culture

Finally, the factor that makes the surf in Hawaii so great is that it forms part of their culture.

Moreover, that’s why you’ll not only find plenty of places to get your equipment, but also plenty of surf schools.

Hawaii surf - Mid level
Medium level waves in Hawaii

In addition, if you simply like to see the competitions, you will find professional and semi-professional tournaments throughout the year as well as a large amount of merchandise related to the sport.

The Mecca Of Surfing

We know Hawaii as the Mecca of surfing not for nothing.

In these islands, the sport is not just a sport. Indeed, it is a spiritual and cultural experience.

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