California Surf: The Best Regions and Seasons To Surf In California

If you have not had traveling as one of the items in your bucket list this year, it is high time you considered it before the year ends. There is still sufficient time. As for me, California has been so far the best country I have been to. That is because of the size of the country first. Secondly, you should see the beaches in this country, very beautiful and extensive. That is a complete package. California Surf is a thing to envy. With all these fantastic sceneries and great beaches, surfing becomes a thing to do.

California Surf is an activity in which you can make a hobby here in several parts of California, and you can be sure that you will get the best out of it. The several regions in California which you should look out for are Northern California, Central California, and Southern California. This is a place that will make you want to visit the beaches more. These three regions are the three major coastal regions.

Below are some of the regions and conditions that favor the California Surf.

California Surf: Central California

Before you may even take your surfing skills to this magnificent Beach area, you ought to know what goes on here. We have a fall, spring and winter being the best seasons to surf in this region. California Surf is ideal when there is that Northwest swell. If you are keen enough, you may also visit the South Swells and get yourself a fantastic surfing time during the summer. One great thing with this region in California is that it caters even to beginner surfers in the refreshing breaks at the inside peaks. The counties where you may enjoy this California Surf are Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo.

California Surf
A person holding a Surfing Board in the California beaches

Southern California

If there is one thing to get excited about California Surf in the southern region is the flexibility of the beach terrain. It is not just the pros who are welcome here but anyone who has a passion for surfing. That means that even if you feel like a novice in this sport, you will get a place for you. As we all know, it is the sun which is responsible for these wave energy. Southern California has sunny weather all through. This means that there is swell as well. To you as the surfer, that would mean a better surfing experience. 

California Surf: Northern California

With the Fort point under the Golden gate bridge, you can be sure to get some fantastic spots to surf. California Surf could be a bit scary because of the cold water and the large white sharks. Can you imagine seeing a shark as you surf? It is crazy, I tell you. There are breaks which are a bit conducive to surfing. We have San Mateo, Humboldt, and Sonoma. Those are the areas to look out if you want to indulge in some California Surf.

Man on a Surfboard

A man steady on a surfboard in California

General Weather

The weather is conducive here in California with ranges of around 13 to around 24 degrees Celsius. For all the regions, we have the Central and the northern areas being a bit cooler than the Southern part of California. There are heat waves that usually last for at least two weeks, and they typically occur around June to September.


California Surf: The Weather

In this third most extensive state of the United States, California Surf has never been more natural with the vast land which is next to the Pacific region. I’m talking about a minimum of 800 miles of the beach line. Besides that, we have times when you can surf without so many crowds like during winter. For instance, in Southern California, you can have the privilege of surfing between 8 a.m to 4 p.m while people are busy working.

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