Surfer Magazine: 6 Reasons To Subscribe

Okay, so you’re venturing into the world of surfing, but, is it really necessary to subscribe to a surfer magazine?

Whether you’re practicing in an academy or with your friends, the surest thing is that you want to enjoy that initial hype learning everything possible and staying up to date with everything that happens in your new favorite sport.

The truth is that, just like musicians, surfers have an innate fascination to know what the new elements that come to market and what the news of the most important events in their region are.

Yet, if you are looking to increase your love and passion for surfing but surfer magazines don’t convince you, here are reasons why you need to subscribe.

1. Technology is a plus

We are in the middle of 2019, so you can subscribe to a digital magazine or a newsletter to receive the news without taking up more space in your room.

surfer magazine - Need more space
Printed magazines can stack up.

In addition, there is a lot –and I mean “A lot”- of information online but it is usually poorly organized or focused on global displays only.

In this regard, you will get good local information by subscribing to a surfer magazine.

2. All hail discounts in your surfer magazine

Let’s leave something clear while we are on this: surfing gear is usually expensive.

For this reason, subscribing to a magazine can be a great deal since you can receive coupons and discounts on elements for your surfing time including:

  • Courses
  • Boards
  • Maintenance elements –Like wax and serves.
  • And, surfing gear

Besides, the discounts and coupons ate not something exclusive to printed magazines –although it is a lot more common in that case- and you could even get some gift cards to stack-up to buy that powerful bodyboard you saw online.

3. The extra mile

Normally a Surfer magazine can come with interactive elements such as courses, videos or tips to improve your skill.

This way you can get numerous advantages to grow faster than your friends and even learn some tricks that they won’t necessarily teach you in a surfing school.

4. Know when to go where

When you go on surfing vacations you need to have a good idea of the season and behavior of the sea –unless you are cool with driving 5-10 hours to find a flat and calm ocean.

surfer magazine - A calm beach
A calm beach is not meant for surfing.

About this, you can save time and work in research of the correct times and seasons to surf. Indeed, most surfer magazines include the best seasoning and weather predictions for certain locations –mostly about local or super-popular beaches.

Imagine knowing where to go and catch the wave of your life just at the right time.

5. The information

Get to really know your passion. With a subscription, you will get tons of information about surf that you can absorb during your “land-time”. This way, you can have conversation topics about surfing beyond “dude that wave, dude”.

6. The surfer magazine experts

Ok, so you trust your surfer friend and your school instructor, but there are so many surf professionals out there sharing their experience at both a competitive or recreational level, and most of the best interviews can be found in great surfer magazines like Surfer and Surfing life.

surfer magazine - The perfect wave
What a nice wave looks like.

If this wasn’t enough, most subscriptions to online surfer magazines are free, and you are actually even going to just get the info -and ads- in exchange for your mail.

It is up to you.

Choose a local magazine and get a grasp of what is going on in your near beaches, or go with a famous magazine like Surfer and know more about the champions and experts.

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