Surfing Movies: 5 Movies That Will Keep You Glued To Your Screen

Do you think you have seen it all? Well, I’d love to help you in widening your scope of movies. Most of the times, people set out to watch videos, they are so confined to common genres such as action, romance, comedy, and horror, among many others. You are missing out on a very captivating genre, surfing movies. What comes to your mind when you hear the word surf? For me, the first time it just showed me a surfing board. Well, if that is the case for you, we are on the same page.

Most of the time, when we are looking for movies to watch, we want the latest. I love to be the unique one and get to have a sneak peek into a bit older films which are very interesting at times. You have not watched every movie that has been produced since you were born and especially in this genre. Below is a list of some of the best surfing movies online.

1. Down The Barrel: One Of The Best Surfing Movies

This is a Surfing Movie which is very elusive on why surfing exists. This is like a state of mind for many and a sport at the same time, not forgetting that it is also a channel for someone to express themselves. The great thing about this sport is the fact that nature is the one which provides this super balance which is needed to enjoy your ride. This surfing movie takes us through the great countries of Oahu to Tahiti, and from France to Florida, we have some of the best surfers sharing their thoughts into the sport and giving their professional opinions from experience.

Surfing Movies - Surfer cruising the waves
A surfer from Surfing Movies

2. Point Break

This falls in the category of those surfing movies which are a bit ancient but have a solid plot and storyline. It has won three TV and Movie Awards on MTV. The storyline is based on an FBI agent who is undercover to follow up on some robberies which are plotted by a thug who disguises himself as the US president. There is a bit of a romance story as well. All the action is actually amid tactful skydivers and surfers who maneuver the seas and thrill you with their surfing and airborne combo moves.

3. Chasing Mavericks

Some movie directors are very adept in their creative skills, a very much needed expertise in this industry. Among the many surfing movies, I have come across, this name caught my eye fast. The only question is, is it just the name, or the video also matches with the name. Based on a true story, the surfing movie is about a young guy who comes across a massive wave and hence relies on the help of a local pro to help him survive this wave.  

4. Surfwise

Here goes one interesting name in the surfing movies list. The movie is centered on an 85-year old guy, who is multitalented with his wife, who has been able to raise their kids on the beach. The kids grow up knowing how to surf and keep up with the strict lifestyle of the wild environment. Quite an exciting surfing movie.

Surfing the Ocean
Surfing at the beach

5. Surf’s Up: Animation Surfing Movies

So much of the typical documentaries, here comes one hell of an animation. We have a penguin dare to pull off stunts in the surfing terrain. The incredible thing about this move is its flexibility. All in a family may watch this surfing movie.

Surfing With All necessary requirements
Surfing the ocean

The funny coincidence is the fact that most of these surfing movies are documentaries, with some mockumentaries as well. Surfing movies are exciting to watch but mostly to people who are more inclined to the sporting life.

Believe it or not, there is a magical attraction to surfing movies that you cannot resist. Surfing as a sport is as refreshing to watch as it is to perform. Surfing will allow you to practice your freedom, countless moments of fun, and enjoy ripples of the biggest waves. I was shocked when I realized that the famous Thomas Edison was the very first person to introduce this art into surfing movies.

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